The precocious and fiercely independent Aima tells her babysitter that the Witch they created in a game of make-believe will never stop chasing them. While the babysitter initially tries to deny Aima’s insistence that the Witch is evil, soon they follow Aima into a world where imagination rules and wildness, magic, and delight are hidden around every corner. Their adventures bring them together with fairies, ghosts, star-lovers, and UFOs, and as they march toward their showdown with the Witch, the unreal becomes reality and the lines between good and evil are blurred. As Aima and her babysitter draw closer and closer to facing down the Witch and discovering the source of her powers, the babysitter must come to terms with what they lost and gained by growing up and learns that sometimes we have to let go to return.

Vanessa Magowan Horrocks Powers

Director Bio


Vanessa is a feminist and a filmmaker who is proud to be from Minneapolis, MN. Vanessa has been making films since she was old enough to hold a camera and a Barbie at the same time. The other thing she’s been doing forever is watching movies. Even as a little girl, she understood that she didn’t see enough of herself in the media she was consuming. She was always the one to play the only girl character in a video game, pretend to be the pink Power Ranger, and put clay on her Barbies to turn them into werewolves.


Though she didn’t understand it at the time, she was learning the importance of creating your own representation, something she strives to do as an adult as she creates artistic spaces for herself and others to represent themselves and make their voices heard.


Vanessa is a director, filmmaker, cosplayer, wife, french bulldog owner, and coffee enthusiast. She can often be found trying to be in too many places at once. Currently, she is directing a short film and music video with her production company the Oxford Comma Film Cooperative. She is also gearing up for another season of directing with St. Matthew Community Theatre in Columbia Heights. In addition, she does video freelance and works as a part-time barista. In her (clearly abundant) free time, she can be found trying to be a human - spending time with her supportive family, friends, and snort-tastic bulldogs.

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