Horror Volume I

A little girl's journey from a world of nightmares to the nightmare of reality. A family's life is thrown into turmoil after an event that tears the family apart.

Director Biography 


The Silent is a directorial debut for Toni Kristian Tikkanen who is a longtime editor, who lives in Helsinki, Finland.

As a editor Tikkanen has edited two feature length films, worked on around 20 TV series and edited the same amount of music videos.

Tikkanen has also edited short films, commercials and documentaries.

Emily and Soren lost their five year old son in a tragic car accident. They seek the help of a medium to call out to their son in the world of the dead. But when you call out to one of the dead, she (the demon Lamashtu) will hear.

Director Biography

Ray Kermani is Belgian horror movie director and producer. He was born in Teheran, Iran. His family moved to Belgium when he was four years old. 
From his childhood, he was a fan of the cinema and, before he was fifteen-years-old, he was out making movies with a handy camera.

In a Brazil devastated by a virus that is supposedly capable of bringing corpses back to life, a group of survivors is confined to a house and facing hunger, fear, the dead... and the living.

Director Biography

João Vitor Ferian is a brazilian director, director of photography, editor and cinema teacher. CEO of Black Horse Filmes, he specialized in genre productions such as fantastic film, horror, suspense and drama.

A young woman encounters an unusual occurrence in a house she's watching over, but soon learns there's something sinister hiding within.

Director Biography


Greg Vogt was born and raised in Pittsburgh, PA. Current student at Point Park University. Self taught filmmaker, as well as free-lance around the greater-Pittsburgh area. Writer, director, cinematographer, and camera operator on all own films. Also a member of IATSE Local 489 Co-founder of a small production team: Blacksheep'd Productions.

A single Mother finds her fears realized when she begins to believe her Daughter's imaginary friend is not so imaginary after all.

Director Biography

Sonja Steyn is a professional director/scriptwriter who received her BA Honours degree in English Literature before embarking on a career in television and film. She spent most of her professional life working for an award winning soap opera. In 11 years of writing for the show she received invaluable guidance and mentorship and churned out an average of 46 22-minute scripts per year (that's over 500 scripts in total). Since moving on, she has persisted with her writing and directing and also worked on various projects for TV, short film and web videos. Her first short film (Breakfast) is a project that allowed her to showcase her ability to adapt a narrative to screenplay, produce, direct and edit it. It was showcased at the St. John's International Women's Film Festival in Canada in 2016. In the wake of this success she ventured outside of her comfort zone to produce and direct her first horror short film, I'm Sorry Mommy, and also produced a travel segment for TV Arcana's The Fast Lane.

A young girl goes missing, what follows is pure terror. A red balloon might lead to the only answer of what happened or does it lead to something far worse.

Director Biography

Joe Nowland, born in the United States, grew up living in several countries in throughout Europe and Asia exposing him to many different artistic styles. With a passion for the art of filmmaking, Nowland has acted in more than 20 films and directed several world-wide award-winning films to include LOST GIRL, GUILT and THE LAST DROP. Nowland’s most recent feature film DO NOT READ, a horror/thriller, will release with a theatrical run late 2018.

An apprehensive priest visits a woman to help her with her sister.

Director Biography


Mike Piccirillo broke into the business working on WES CRAVEN’S WISHMASTER, the Oscar-winning film AMERICAN BEAUTY as well as RUSH HOUR and BOWFINGER. He then moved into the Art Department working on THE PRINCESS DIARIES, S.W.A.T., BLADES OF GLORY and many others. In the past few years he’s worked on CLOVERFIELD, TRON: LEGACY, OBLIVION, JURASSIC WORLD, and KONG: SKULL ISLAND. He has recently completed a stint on the hit HBO show WESTWORLD.

In 2008, Mike enrolled in UCLA Extension’s Film Directing Certificate program. In the Summer of 2010, APRIL was his final thesis project. He graduated from the Certificate Program “with distinction” for his outstanding GPA. APRIL went on as an official selection in many film festivals throughout the world, collecting awards along the way. His follow-up short films TWO-SHOT, THOSE WHO DWELL WITHIN and THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND THE REAL TRUE STORY: DONNIE MILLER has all seen acclaim in the film festival circuit. 

A sick young woman and the man who takes care of her find shelter in a roadside motel and take the necessary steps to feed her addiction. 

Director Biography


Steven McCarthy is an acclaimed actor, director, and musician. He was the sole candidate chosen to take part in a special, one-year directing intensive at The National theatre school of Canada. His genre-bending productions of Bliss, Malaria Lullaby, and Boblo used elements of circus, dance, trapeze, and rock and roll and earned multiple awards across the country. He has played a wide variety of leading roles for such directors as Guillermo del Toro, Ken Finkelman, Kate Melville and Robert Harmon in films and television as diverse as The Strain, HBO Canada’s Good God, the indie hit Picture Day, and A&E’s The Crossing.  He recently completed production on his first short film O NEGATIVE, which he wrote, directed, produced and in which he plays the lead role. O NEGATIVE will also have its world premiere at TIFF2015.

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