Horror Volume I

A little girl's journey from a world of nightmares to the nightmare of reality. A family's life is thrown into turmoil after an event that tears the family apart.

Emily and Soren lost their five year old son in a tragic car accident. They seek the help of a medium to call out to their son in the world of the dead. But when you call out to one of the dead, she (the demon Lamashtu) will hear.

In a Brazil devastated by a virus that is supposedly capable of bringing corpses back to life, a group of survivors is confined to a house and facing hunger, fear, the dead... and the living.

A young woman encounters an unusual occurrence in a house she's watching over, but soon learns there's something sinister hiding within.

A single Mother finds her fears realized when she begins to believe her Daughter's imaginary friend is not so imaginary after all.

A young girl goes missing, what follows is pure terror. A red balloon might lead to the only answer of what happened or does it lead to something far worse.

An apprehensive priest visits a woman to help her with her sister.

A sick young woman and the man who takes care of her find shelter in a roadside motel and take the necessary steps to feed her addiction. 

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