Sin is about a drifter living in Germany under the assumed name Jung (pronounced Yung), who is suffering from chronic pain and Opioid dependency. Jung has a skill for cracking safes and a willingness to turn to crime to support his addiction. He is drawn into a criminal underworld of hit-men, robbers, and black market dealers as he battles his own demons in the
search for a valuable stolen figure of the Babylonian god, Sin.

Throughout the journey of desperation, intrigue, violence, and a cat and mouse plot where the lines of right and wrong are not always black and white, Jung encounters a cast of characters with their own baggage: a hard-nosed bartender who is guilt-ridden over the premature death of his wife, a nurse who embezzles prescription drugs for money, an art dealer who deals in black market antiquities from the Middle East, and an English sociopath who styles himself as an American outlaw with a penchant for violence.

Joshua Clay

Director Bio


Joshua is a writer, filmmaker and actor from somewhere outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Although “Sin” is his feature film debut as a director, he has produced several other short films in three countries. His experiences with Chronic Pain and Opioids inspired much of the film. He has always had an interest in stories worth telling and bringing darkness into the
light so that it can heal. He enjoys history, traveling and a good beer.

Joshua currently lives in Germany with his wife, Viviane, who plays Alethea in the film. He is currently in pre-production for his next feature film, “Tears of Blood,” A medieval thriller about a bitter veteran of the crusades and a young, idealistic priest who must investigate the murder of a monk by a masked cult. Keep an eye out for it!

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