Sci-Fi/Fantasy Volume I

A girl wakes up in a strange place. Unsure of her surroundings, she attempts to escape, only to discover there may be more going on than she could have imagined.

Director Biography

Taylor Morden is an award winning documentarian and short film director.  As a child of the 80s and 90s he is most influenced by the stories from that era. He got his start in the film business making music videos and commercials in Washington D.C. and has since relocated to Oregon to pursue documentary and narrative work.

A lonely starlet unravels when a photographer crosses the line.

Director Biography


Tanuj Chopra’s first feature film PUNCHING AT THE SUN about South Asian teenagers coming of age in Elmhurst, Queens premiered at Sundance, Tribeca and won the grand jury prize at the San Francisco International Asian American Film festival. Variety called the fiery debut “a display of talent that's distinctive, original and iconoclastic.”

Tanuj's recent award winning feature films include GRASS and CHEE AND T. CHEE AND T premiered at 2016 LAFF (comedy award) and played at Urbanworld, San Diego Asian American film festival (Best Picture) Cinequest, Outfest, Omaha, Atlanta, CAAMfest and VC film fest. Grass also screened at CAAMfest, VC film fest (best editing) and Austin Asian American film fest (best picture).

He's currently part of the 2017 Fox director's lab.

A boy must confront his fear of the dark to find the courage to stand up for himself in the light of day.

Director Biography


Jason Ragosta was born in Connecticut. He attended the Maryland Institute, College of Art and started working in stop motion animation at Wreckless Abandon Studios before moving to San Francisco. After over a decade in working in animation, independent films, commercials, and music videos, Jason has completed his first independent short film, BOY IN THE DARK, and is currently prepping to shoot his new short film, CAPES. He has also completed the feature length script, THE BALLAD OF R'LYEH, which has recently placed in the quarterfinals of the Screencraft Screenwriting Fellowship, and is currently being adapted as a comic book series.

In a post-apocalyptic world, a young boy embarks on a perilous supply run to obtain water and medicine for his ailing mother. With just his toy robot as a companion, he faces many obstacles, but the real danger is waiting for him back at home.

Director Biography


Christopher Carson Emmons grew up in Milwaukee. While earning his Bachelor's at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago he directed the dark comedy "Shine Baby Shine" about a bumbling shampoo salesman.

He went on to direct veteran film/TV actor Mark Metcalf (Animal House, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Seinfeld) in "Prone," and "Marked Man," starring Jaiden Kaine (Luke Cage, Vampire Diaries, Hidden Figures).

Christopher's romantic comedy with a twist, "Serial Daters Anonymous," starring Sam Page (Mad Men, House of Cards, Gossip Girl) and Scotty Dickert (XOXO, The Last Ship), premiered at the 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival, where it went on to get a limited theatrical release.

A deserter in WWII awakens in a Nazi prison cell to discover that alongside the mysterious female prisoner he shares a cell with, that he is the unwitting test subject in a cruel psychological experiment where all is not as it seems.

Director Biography


Paul Holbrook and Sam Dawe are writer/director cousins from Bristol, UK. The film-making duo started out in 2013 writing both features and TV serials for the spec market including several shortlisted and well-received scripts. 
In 2014 they decided to push on with producing their own short film and comedy sketches for the screen and 'Shunk Films' was born. 

There latest narrative short film is the gritty 'A Girl and Her Gun' which stars Broadchurch's Joe Sims and Eastenders' Brian Croucher and introdues child actor Matilda Randall in her first lead role.

It's the last 10 minutes on planet earth, what would you do?

Director Biography


Matt Erman created Capture 1 Studios in January of 2013. Since that time, he has released several short films, completed a host of documentaries, and has interviewed local talent as well as national celebrities.

A leader of a rebellion risks everything to find a powerful commander of an alien world who's been captured by enemies and put into a fabricated reality for the extraction of valuable information.

Director Biography


Kirill Proskura worked as a cinematographer on multiple short films, music and corporate videos. The cinematographer experience gave him valuable knowledge of how things work on various film sets, which led to a desire to create his own stories.

Deke Lape considers the demented, cyclopean teddy bear drawn on the scrap of paper clutched in his hand. He looks up to scan the faded, peeling pornographic adverts and thoughtless graffiti lining the Tele-C booth. The same drawing is there, adhered to the panel in front of him with a phone number. He blindly dials. He waits. Click. There is an awful voice on the other end. It repeats. It repeats.

He will heed what it tells him and wield its horrid power. Deke Lape does not like to lose. He will stop at nothing, for he knows that Hell is but a word away.

Director Biography


Benjamin Capps came to Chicago in 1999 after receiving his degree in Theatre from the University of Missouri, Columbia. While an undergraduate, Benjamin founded The Inner Below in order to produce his own experimental theatre, with an emphasis on expanding on the theories of Antonin Artaud. Having written, directed, produced and acted in numerous stage-productions, Benjamin transitioned to film-making, now having made eight short-films. His current focus is Retro Science Fiction, Body Horror and Stop Motion experimentation. Additionally, he has been a professional musician for over twenty years.

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