Melonie Gartner



Melonie was born in Saigon and grew up in Chicago.  As a movie buff, the major influence on her taste in films are Roger Ebert and Alfred Hitchcock.


While living in Seattle in 2007, Melonie wrote her first short originally titled Breathing Underwater.  The idea for the script came about when she wanted to make a low-budget Hitchcockian thriller.  The script went through many obstacles and evolved over the years. In early 2014, when she found her perfect Dirke, Mark Borchardt, the star and subject of American Movie, several more layers were added to the script.  After much thought, Melonie decided to change the title of her first short film to Two Rivers, the name of the beautiful place where she was living in.  She couldn’t have been more pleased with the outpour of love and support from the people in Two Rivers, Wisconsin, who were intrigued to have a movie named after their city.


Following Two Rivers, Melonie immediately got busy with its prequel titled Where the Great Spirits Live – also heavily influenced by Hitchcock.  The prequel, also a short, was completed 2 years after her film debut and garnered her an award for best female director in 2017.


Melonie has continued to stay busy with filmmaking and is currently involved with several projects which cover directing, writing, producing and acting.  Currently, she's in early pre-production stage for a feature called “Retreat”, which she anticipates to direct. In addition, Melonie is working on 2 shorts with working titles  such as “Etienne” & “Echoes of Love”. The writer, director and executive producer will star in both as well.

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