Drama Volume II

An old man convinces a student that imagination is the secret to a wonderful life.

Director Biography


Kyle Misak is a young filmmaker who is passionate about making movies. He considers his favorite directors to be Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay. Kyle started making films in high school, and has since created numerous music videos, promos, commercials, short films, and a feature film titled _Another Brick in the Wall_. Kyle hopes to one day become a successful feature film director and bring magic to the big screen for all audiences.

A retired pianist finds inspiration in passing on her pianistic legacy to a boy that becomes the son she never had.

Director Biography


Artur Andrade was born in São Paulo, Brazil, and is currently an undergraduate majoring in Film and TV Production at the USC School of Cinematic Arts. “Coda.” is the first film he has directed. Besides filmmaking, he is passionate about music, and can play 5 instruments.

A young autistic boy fascinated with Motorsport unexpectedly finds a chance to put his passion to the test.

Director Biography

Aleksander Szeser is a Polish writer-director based in Dublin, Ireland. Aleksander has written five feature screenplays and several shorts and so far he has directed four short films across different genres and themes that have been selected and screened at over 30 festivals across Europe and US, receiving two wins and two nominations, including second place at 2012 Waterford Film Festival in the best screenplay category and Golden Award at 2015 Atlanta Horror Film Festival.

Aleksander has also gained valuable experience working in a camera department on a feature drama “You’re Ugly Too” and he has also worked as script supervisor on two Filmbase produced short films.

In the future, Aleksander plans to write and direct both new short films and features and he is currently developing an Ireland based action-thriller as his possible feature debut project.

A devout young woman cleanses herself of murder.

Director Biography

Zachary Simms was born in Seattle, Washington. After attending the University of Colorado, Boulder for Film Studies and Technical Engineering, Zachary transferred to the USC School of Cinematic Arts in the Film and Television Production Division.

He received commercial and critical acclaim for participation in the Northwest Student High School Film Festival, winning the top-prize for a Dramatic Narrative. Attending both the Seattle Film Institute, and the New York Film Academy, Zachary has fostered an extensive educational background in filmmaking.

An ambitious television reporter trying to save her job learns of two high school students who are planning a school shooting. Instead of turning them in, she helps make their story better for television, and better for herself.

Director Biography

Sean Solan makes his directorial debut with the narrative short film Gratuitous Violence. His passion for story telling began at a very early age. As a child he would confiscate his father’s 8mm camera, cast his brothers and neighborhood friends while transforming his basement into everything from a WWII submarine, to the surface of an alien planet.

With the invention of the video camera, Sean was off to the races, writing, directing and even providing the sound track to his first horror movie “Raggedy Ann Strikes Back.”

Currently, Sean lives in Los Angeles with his wife and 3 daughters. He has recently launched a production company and has several projects in development.

A young girl's passion for archaeology is challenged when she uncovers something suspicious in her backyard.

Director Biography


Aris Chang was born and raised in Southern California. She currently studies Cinematic Arts, Film and Television Production at USC. She began making films in high school and found her reason and passion for film in college. Films that inspired her into filmmaking are "Sweetie" by Jane Campion and "Citizen Kane" by the one and only, Orson Welles. Her favorite films are, "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. However, the list of films she loves are endless. She hopes to direct feature films in the near future, one being a supernatural horror film.

Sprinkles is a short psychological drama/thriller written and directed by Roger A. Scheck (NOBODY LOVES ALICE) and stars Brooke Lewis (iMURDERS) and Don Danielson (BOXES). High-priced call girl, Maura (Brooke Lewis), has a seemingly chance encounter with a client, Gary (Don Danielson), while on a business trip. When Gary turns violent in the midst of their exchange, Maura's fear slips away as she realizes that Gary has a dirty little secret fetish. Maura, with a secret of her own, reveals that this encounter may not be a random occurrence, but a calculated attempt to avenge a man from sprinkles of her past. Gary learns that he is getting a lot more than he paid for.

Director Biography

Roger Scheck was born in Russell, Kansas and raised in McAlester, Oklahoma. At a young age he became interested in art and by his senior year in high school he won his first photography competition. It was during his senior year that a close friend introduced him to filmmaking. Roger is a graduate of the University of North Carolina School of the Arts, School of Filmmaking. With only a hand full of short films under his belt he completed his first feature length film, Nobody Loves Alice. Nobody Loves Alice found great support in the horror underground. His next feature is a Scifi-Horror Thriller staring Scream Queen Brooke Lewis, entitled Tonight, He Walks! 

A romance develops between Ann and Bob, but his bad habit of being continuously late is taking the excitement away and she feels taken for granted.

Director Biography

Paul Corey, a professional photographer for ten years has written and directed eight short films. He has recently graduated from the National University of Ireland with a Masters degree in Screenwriting.

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