Comedy Volume I

The Psychologist is a Short Comedy about George Phibbs who is an anxious man who had another very strange dream last night. He's very confused about what it means for him. He has been recommended to see a psychologist who will solve all his problems once and for all - a Freudian psychologist specializing in dream interpretation by the name of Nikita Katushova.

Director Biography


Dimi Nakov is an aspiring multi award winning Filmmaker with a diverse body of work. Since 2009 he has produced a number of award winning music videos with over 1.2million views on You Tube, short films, and corporate videos for Coca Cola Amatil NZ. 

In 2012 Dimi was the first New Zealand Director to have two short films in competition at Cyprus International Film Festival, where his short "Playmates" won Best Cinematography. The second short film "BlindSide" that he produced and directed was accepted in Cannes Short Film Corner the same year.

In 2015 Dimi's music Video "Start A Revolution" for the NZ Band "Devilskin" won him the Rising Star Award at Canada International Film Festival. During March-April 2016 Dimi was a member of an international screening committee for the "Diversity In Cannes Short Film Showcase". 

In the year 2025, a young man's superintelligent AI system tells him that he must go on a date or face certain suicide from loneliness.

Director Biography

Ryan Turner is a freelance writer and director that loves to make people laugh. He created the aptly-named company Ryan Turner Productions and first found acclaim with a comedy music video entitled “I’m Not Gay” – which currently has over 3.5 million views on YouTube.

His next success came with a commercial “Baby’s First Word”, which went on to be a finalist in the 2015 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Competition and led to him meeting and working with Richard Branson and Virgin America.

His other clients include the Marriott, LinkedIn, and a number of startups that you’ve probably never heard of. He consistently works with a number of successful YouTube Channels and multi-channel networks such as Awesomeness TV, Full Screen Media, Defy Media, and Makers Studio. Right now he’s currently living the Hollywood dream. And by Hollywood dream I mean he has no idea what he’ll be doing next week.

Two guys hold a vigil over the body of their friend, waiting to discover if his death-bed premonition will come true.

Director Biography

Sami Abusamra is a graduate of the Bournemouth Media School and has worked extensively in the world of short films and sketch comedy.

His work has screened at festivals such as the London Short Film Festival, London Comedy Film Festival, LA Comedy Festival, Leeds International Film Festival and Dallas International Film Festival. Along the way he has picked up several awards including 'Best Film' at the TriForce Short Film Festival (London) and 'Best Animation' at the New York Downtown Shorts Festival. 

A funeral director searches for purpose in a job that consistently incapacitates him with grief.

Director Biography

Ed Carter is a British writer and filmmaker based in Boston, MA.

Angie wants to see a ghost more than anything. After many failed attempts, she arrives at a bed and breakfast that could make her wish come true.

Director Biography

Parker Brennon is a writer and director with an undying love for atmospheric stories and interesting women characters. He graduated from Academy of Art University in San Francisco, with a BFA in motion picture and television producing. In addition to his award-winning films and screenplays, Parker has also created two successful Kickstarter campaigns. His most recent film, Below the Trees, is currently in post-production.

A darkly erotic and comedic short film about a demon and an exorcist’s deadly sexual tangle towards release.

Director Biography


Chris Chalklen is a writer, director and animator working for London based production company Wilder Films.

He has led the motion graphics department on various projects from feature documentaries 'Follow The Money' and 'Michael Caine's My Generation'.

He is a writer and director of short films, with various awards under his belt, including Best Film & Best Director at the 48 hour Film Project, with his short 'And Not A Word Was Spoken', and multiple international awards for his 2016 short film 'Draft Eight'.

Professional charades champion Donnie Miller was at the top of the mountain in the World Charades Federation. He suffered a downfall that retired him from the sport and cast him into obscurity. 'The Real Truth Behind The Real True Story' examines what happened to the charades legend and tries to uncover the mystery behind his sudden downfall and disappearance.

Director Biography


Mike Piccirillo broke into the business working on WES CRAVEN’S WISHMASTER, the Oscar-winning film AMERICAN BEAUTY as well as RUSH HOUR and BOWFINGER. He then moved into the Art Department working on THE PRINCESS DIARIES, S.W.A.T., BLADES OF GLORY and many others. In the past few years he’s worked on CLOVERFIELD, TRON: LEGACY, OBLIVION, JURASSIC WORLD, and KONG: SKULL ISLAND. He has recently completed a stint on the hit HBO show WESTWORLD.

In 2008, Mike enrolled in UCLA Extension’s Film Directing Certificate program. In the Summer of 2010, APRIL was his final thesis project. He graduated from the Certificate Program “with distinction” for his outstanding GPA. APRIL went on as an official selection in many film festivals throughout the world, collecting awards along the way. His follow-up short films TWO-SHOT, THOSE WHO DWELL WITHIN and THE REAL TRUTH BEHIND THE REAL TRUE STORY: DONNIE MILLER has all seen acclaim in the film festival circuit. 

After managing to get the number of Dawn, a cool girl that he meets in a queue for coffee, Mark could be forgiven for being pleased with himself. There's just one problem... they're still in the queue. Feeling the pressure to stay cool and interesting, Mark soon finds himself drowning in an ocean of his own awkwardness and insecurities. This is a comedy about why, sometimes, it really is better to quit while you're ahead.

Director Biography

Richard Starkey hails from Burnley, a smallish, old mill town in the northwest of England. He survived his onerous teenage years by immersing himself into the world of Monty Python, the works of Danny Boyle and Quentin Tarantino and especially any and every sitcom from either side of the pond. Inspired to become a comedy filmmaker, he would divert for a few years to embark on a somewhat convenient career working in an unremarkable office - believing he would get around to a career in film ‘one day’. That gamble paid off when in 2008, greedy bankers plunged the world into the worst recession in living memory. Richard, having heroically lost his job as a result of the aforementioned global financial catastrophe, put in action the final piece of his plan and become a filmmaker. A bachelor’s degree in Documentary Film & Television from the University of South Wales, Newport, followed, where he made some bloody good films and a few crap ones that he will never show anybody. Although comedy was always the goal, Richard found his way to creating a production company with a friend and collaborator, making corporate films to pay the bills and buy food. A few broadcast opportunities arose within the following years, culminating in Richard producing a film that picked up a Welsh BAFTA in 2015 for best factual photography. Since then, he has relocated to London with his cats, Frasier and Niles, to focus on his ultimate ambition of making funny films. He dedicates his time to the ancient art of procrastination, binging Netflix shows and thinking about writing. Mark Gets Coffee, is typical of Richard’s style and humour - awkward and desperate, with characters that you’re torn between loving and hating. 

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